wen book childrens story book about nfts

wen moon? is the first-ever children’s storybook about NFTs, WEB3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency!

Available now on Amazon and anywhere you buy good books (ask for it at your local bookstore!), wen moon? follows Fred the bookworm on a journey to learn about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and what it all means!

Written and illustrated by a father-daughter team, wen moon? reads with a flowing Seussical rhyming style and features some of the most popular NFT collections and artists.

wen moon? uses the slang and terminology popular among crypto and NFT fans, affectionately known as “degens”. It’s a delightful story that explains the concept of an NFT, cryptocurrency, how they work, and the culture that’s built up around them.

For the parents, wen moon? creates is the perfect conversation starter, letting you explain the ideas and terms to your kids on your terms. More than a book, wen moon? is a great way to introduce big words and ideas to kids and get them thinking big on their own!

bookworm nft wen moon kids book founders and author and illustrator

Tyler ( @tylerbenedict ) is the author of wen moon? He’s also co-founder of Bike Club NFT, the world’s first blockchain cycling club, and an adviser on other projects. In his free time, he rides bikes and loves travel…and buying NFTs.

Cam ( @thebabyfamous ) is the 14-year-old illustrator of wen moon? and the artist behind its main character, Fred the Bookworm. In her free time, she loves graphic novels, Minecraft & Fortnite, and attempting to act in school plays.

wen moon nft book for kids

Filled with hand-drawn, ultra-cute characters inspired by popular NFT projects, wen moon? is guaranteed to entertain young children with its imagery and rhymes. And it’s equally entertaining for any parent (or grandparent) who’s reading to them. For the “normie” who hasn’t gone down the wormhole yet, it provides you with an easy-to-understand overview of non-fungible tokens, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Wen NFT? We’re slowly but surely working on a companion Bookworm NFT project. The art is super cool and 100% drawn by Cam, using Procreate, and will make a really cool PFP.

But this project is about more than just the art. Just as the book provides you with opportunities to get your kids learning and reading, we want our NFT to give more kids those same opportunities.

When we mint, a portion of the proceeds will benefit early childhood literacy programs and provide opportunities for kids and teens to learn the skills that will help them take advantage of all of the opportunities coming in WEB3, NFT, and blockchain.